Online Yearbook Photos

Everyone has a strong love/hate relationship with yearbook photos.  They capture the epitome of your high school experience, parents love them, but they can also be horribly embarrassing.  Nevertheless, yearbook photos are a strong tradition in schools.  These days, a lot of schools are turning to the internet as the resident home for their online yearbook photos.  With the high cost of printing and the declining demand for printed yearbooks, several schools have made their yearbooks 100% digital.  Now, students can access their online yearbook photos with just a computer and an internet connection.

There are a lot of benefits to have online yearbook photos.  You can access them from anywhere, you don’t have to worry about losing the hardcopy of your yearbook, and you can view the photos for years to come.  The downside, of course, if that online yearbook photos don’t evoke the same nostalgia as the printed photos.  You can’t write love notes all over the photo of your crush or a secret note to your best friend.  Still, online yearbook photos may be the way of the future.  People already use the internet for posting and viewing photos from their personal lives, so it would only make sense that schools make the transition from print to digital as well.



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